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fic011d hot lizard 165 drop 3000x3000.jpg

Hot Lizard - 165 Drop (2021 remasters)

Originally released on Pacific Records in 1997, Hot Lizard's deep house classic 165 Drop, had its digital debut on 2nd July 2021.

First up, the Charles Webster // Love from San Francisco remix of 165 Drop - a timeless classic of deep melodic house.  A beautiful, lush, complex and evolving, dubby, deep house odyssey with an emotional synth-chord break in the middle. 

The multi-talented Ian O'Brien, coveted by techno lovers, delivers a '90s classic mix in his signature abstract jazz-tinged version of the track. 

A superb shortened re-edit of Ian O'Brien’s original mix features in the release – brand new for 2021.

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