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Quenum - Express Yourself

Fully charged like most of Quenum’s rich, chugging techno output, Express Yourself is a late night, eyes closed, full body journey through piano, percussion and pounding bass – woven with his occasional trademark chord stab and random vocal snippet to keep you on your toes. At 120 BPM, the track sits at ease on both the dancefloor and the long mix. This is a corker of a first new tune from Pacific after 20 years radio silence.


Infinity Circle is a trippy, rattling ride on the backs of beasts charging through a mythical rainforest. Pumping bassline punches the track forward - switching up and down the gears while an ’80s synth wraps its fluttering wings around it. This is steamy, dripping, forward-marching techno at its best.


Original Pacific Records London stablemate Marsden (Hot Lizard) roughs things up on Express Yourself remix duties. He adds layers of squelch, snare and syncopated crunch to give the tune a harder, more gyrating quality - like listening to an orchestra on acid. He makes more of the vocal snippet on the original, giving it prominence - and plenty of heart and soul.


The 100Hz remix of Express Yourself is a light, airy, shuffling number that gently floats across your brain like the dawn. 100Hz (AKA Lee Renacre) has his eyes firmly set on the sunrise as the tune twinkles in and out of existence, pulsing gently with piano and shimmering synth. One for those last standing.

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